KMP-RC Survey 2.5.1

Chapter Interest Survey: Minneapolis-St. Paul Area


NACSW is working with several Christians in social work in your area to explore the possibility of forming a local NACSW group or chapter in your area. We are conducting this brief survey to gather input from NACSW members and friends to see if there is interest in this idea. We appreciate your responses to this email to give direction to our efforts to bring together Christians in social work in your area!
1I am personally interested in participating in a local area group or chapter.
2Check off the three things that you would find most or beneficial and/or of interest from a local NACSW chapter in your area?Fellowship
Forming Mentoring Relationships
Resource Sharing
Opportunities to earn CEUs
Developing Leadership Skills
Workshops or Conferences
Discussing Issues of Importance to Christians in Social Work
Service Projects/Volunteer Outreach
3What types of local group or chapter activities would you be most interested in participating in that were not listed in question #3?
4What is the farthest you would be willing to travel to attend a local NACSW chapter meeting or event? 15 minutes or less
30 minutes or less
45 minutes or less
60 minutes or less
More than 1 hour
5During which times are you best able to attend an NACSW chapter meeting (check all that apply)Regular business hours (weekdays)
Evening hours (weekdays)
6What are some topics or concerns that you would be particularly interested in discussing/learning about as part of a local group or chapter?
7What other thoughts about having a local NACSW chapter or chapter meetings would you like to share with NACSW?


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